1975 International Loadstar 1600 - School Bus Conversion - SOLD

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Update (4/17/11):

Bus has been sold.




Currently Located:

Chico, CA

Other Info:

Late last August I basically drove non-stop from New Hampshire to Northern Nevada with my 390 pound motorcycle strapped to the back deck. The trip was approximately 3200 miles over 4 days and went through all kinds of conditions, terrain, and altitudes.

Nothing went wrong.

Not a single thing. (Admittedly I was expecting total disaster)

The bus is a champ and took brutal roads and stop-and-go traffic of Boston and New York without a problem. Blinding rain-storms in the mid-west, not an issue. Climbing over the continental divide, in the slow lane with the 18 wheelers but otherwise effortless.

Since then it has been around Northern California, experienced +100mph wind gusts, below 0 temps, and searing heat. Never had a problem.

It is essentially setup for a tour around the country. The 120v Inverter/Battery system charges while driving and automatically switches over when plugged in to "shore power" (a normal 120v outlet at campground/friends house). I powered and charged my laptop/cell phones while on the road, and have run drills and sabersaws off the battery bank with power to spare.

It would be equally good as a hunting cabin, housing for seasonal workers, or an additional place for friends to hangout/crash.

The sound system bumps and is set up to project from all four corners of the interior of the bus. Pretty intense just to sit in and listen to music. I'm really going to miss having it in my yard for this reason.

On March 14th it was driven 225 miles to its current location in Chico, CA

Asking Price:

I would like to get $3800 for it but I am open to offers.

Delivery within the NorCal area will most likely be free if I get a good price.

If you are out of the area, let me know and I can work out a way to deliver it to you.

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